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Camping is fun as it is your opportunity to break away from the hectic routine of city life. Along the rough roads leading to Lubuagan, a breathtaking view of the rice terraces, waterfalls and kalingans greeting you Umali Kayo” a native tongue of saying Welcome” will definitely make your day. But during a Fourth of July weekend with their van at Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge, they'd whimsically pondered, Wouldn't it be great if we could do this all the time?” Yes, it would,” was the answer; and they realized, yes, it was possible.

We like to write down a summary of each big camping or road trip, including where we camped and what trails or sights we saw. It's no surprise that #VanLife has blossomed here in Colorado, attracting residents and digital nomads who would rather spend time outdoors than in the city.

Their channel covers all aspects of an alternative life on the road, including health , travel, minimalism, and veganism. Though we were only in the van for two nights, we think it's the perfect vehicle for weeklong adventures or even true van living. Obviously, tiny home van life you're giving up a lot in terms of interior space, but if you're wondering Can I turn my minivan into an adventure vehicle or camper van?” there are some compelling reasons to accept the tradeoffs.

I essentially find a point on a map, often with the assistance of an app called Park4Night, that looks quiet and isolated and long after the sun goes down I make my way through winding roads, scout the area, trust my gut, put the van in park, shut her down, lock her up tight, put my security measures in place and lay low for the evening hoping no one knocks on the window or gives me a hard time.

Each of our campervans are outfitted with must-have accoutrements including kitchen sink, potable water, mobile Coleman® propane stove, USB ports, LED lights, comfy cushions, solar power, cooler, inverter, potti, heater for all-season camping and a guaranteed unforgettable adventure.

Hobo Ahle is homeward bound by means of adventure.” Her channel shares the reality of vehicle dwelling, and provides travel hacks and advice for over 288,000 subscribers. Van life today includes vans of all shapes and sizes, ranging from super-technical to very basic.

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